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Welcome to EcoSystems West Consulting Group


Carmel River


EcoSystems West Consulting Group is a biological consulting firm specializing in natural resource inventory, assessment, and management throughout California and the western states. Our team consists of professional environmental scientists who work collaboratively to provide both efficient and cost-effective planning solutions. Because we are a small personal business, EcoSystems West is responsive and adaptable to client needs while meeting the highest standards of scientific and technical excellence. Our extensive experience with the environmental review process enables us to provide superior service to our clients. By guiding clients through the federal, state, and local regulatory framework; we are committed to finding the necessary balance between development goals and protecting the diversity and integrity of native flora, fauna, and habitats.


EcoSystems West natural resource scientists are recognized as specialists in the fields of botany, wetland science, and wildlife and conservation biology. In addition, our staff offers a commitment to excellence in documentation and reporting, as well as strong skills in project planning and design, assessment, and management. Our knowledge of all aspects of natural resources consulting allows our team of scientists to tailor the scope of each project to meet its particular needs. We have conducted and developed natural resource inventories, impact assessments and mitigation plans, resource monitoring documentation, construction monitoring, and long-range management plans for a variety of public agency and private-sector clients. Our broad range of experience has provided us with a thorough working knowledge of the biological resources and the applicable regulatory process in California and the western states. We have established an excellent rapport with representatives of federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, which facilitates and expedites project completion.


western pond turtle

EcoSystems West maintains a strong association with independent specialists and organizations in order to form the best technical team for each project. By working closely with a team of expert associates, EcoSystems West customizes services to individual projects while keeping infrastructure and overhead costs down. These highly qualified, independent scientists-often leaders in their fields-provide EcoSystems West with peer review, guidance and collaborative research.